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  • Large bears candle

    • Experience the warm glow and sweet fragrance of our Large


      LS Teddies Candle, handcrafted with a blend of premium beeswax and soy wax. This adorable candle is shaped like a teddy bear, making it an ideal decorative accent for any room.


      Our Teddies Candle is entirely non-toxic and does not contain any harmful phthalates. You can breathe easy while enjoying the delicate aroma of English rose, which fills your space with a pleasant scent that soothes your senses.

      Plus, its eco-friendly composition ensures that you're doing good for both yourself and the world around you.

      Fall in love with our charming Large LS Teddies Candle today!

    • Trim wick 1/4 each time cadle is lit. Burn in ventilated area and do not move while lit

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